A booze-lover’s guide for giving up drinking for a month

Health journalist and the award-winning writer of Not Your Normal Health Blog Helen Foster loves drinking as much as the next person. But when not drinking became cool, she decided to go with the flow and tried to quit for a month. However, she found out that it’s easier said than done, and later wrote a book about it: Quit Alcohol (for a month)…

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Quit Alcohol (for a month) gives you an effective, 360-degree approach to getting the most out of your dry spell, with all the emotional, psychological and practical support you need in a handy, digestible guidebook format” says the back cover.

Foster starts with explaining the benefits of quitting, then gives a lot of useful tips for making the month easy.

Here are five of them:

1- Drink out of a wine glass

Drinking your water, or juice, or whatever, out of a wine glass creates an illusion of drinking wine itself. And this really helps when you’re abstaining.

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2- Planning ahead is essential

If you know what you’re going to drink instead of your booze, it’s much easier to say no, especially when you’re in a social setting.

3- Carry a squeezy lemon

This is especially good for work events that you have to stay till the end. A travel bottle with elderflower cordial in it also works.

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4- Determine what you’re getting from drinking

Do you seriously need alcohol in your veins, or do you drink because drinking is a fun way of spending time with your friends? Find your reason and replicate it.

5- Bar staff don’t care

Do not feel ashamed for ordering soda instead of beer. Don’t worry, no one thinks you’re cheap or childish. They might even be happier for serving one less drunken customer at the end of the day.

In order to read the rest of Foster’s tips visit Healthista. The book is available on Amazon.com.