5 Things All CEOs Can Learn from Beyoncé – as explained by a CEO

, CEO of Diesel Films

So I went to see Beyoncé at the Rose Bowl. It was almost against my will. My wife is a huge fan, my 2-year old knows the lyrics to a few of her songs (no small feat since her vocabulary is about 50-75 words), so I bought two tickets with the intention of going with the misses. It turned out to be one of the best concerts I have ever seen (Pearl Jam is still my favorite, but I will admit Beyoncé rivaled Prince RIP) and I actually walked away thinking about what CEOs can learn from the empire Beyoncé has created.

Run A Tight Ship

I have no idea how she does it, but information doesn’t leak with Beyoncé. When she dropped her 2014 album and then again when she released Lemonade, there were no behind-the-scenes photos, no lyric spoilers, no reports of her shooting her videos even though she shoots them in public places … nothing.

In this day and age of social media, that’s unheard of, it’s admirable, and it’s definitely a good lesson for businesses to learn. Keep your business in-house and what you want pushed to the public, push it to the public, and what you don’t want pushed to the public, don’t let it out.

Stand for Something

Even as she’s been the subject of rumors and scrutiny, Beyoncé pushes back with what she wants to say, empowering women in the process. She talks about women being revered, being queens, not taking a back seat to men. She is about women’s equality, women’s rights, and that women are the same or better than any male out there.

As a Dad with two daughters, I think it’s a great example for girls and for women to see that and get hope and inspiration from it.

Strive for Perfection

Everything was perfect at this concert – there wasn’t one noticeable mistake. Pyrotechnics, video, dancing, performance, singing, choreography, costume changes, staging changes, moving from fire to water – whatever – it was flawless and it was really amazing to see.

As a business, follow that lead. Why not? Don’t be average.

Communicate Effectively

It was clear that everybody was on the same page from her dancers to the crew to the lighting to the video screens – everybody was moving in unison and working together. However she is communicating to her team is amazing. No one is sidetracked, no one is off the beaten path, no one looks lost.

Sometimes within a company, you have three people in the right direction and one person going the other way or not knowing what’s going on because of a lack of communication or a breakdown. Beyoncé has everybody dialed in. However she does that, it’s definitely something CEOs can look at and admire.

Work Hard

The bottom line is effort – it’s unbelievable. How she puts such a cohesive show together with such high production value being the centerpiece and singing, dancing, going all out for two strong, strong hours and then she does that three times a week. Insane. Her body must be broken down.

That shows me she’s working out, she’s rehearsing, there’s no wasted movements. She’s keeping her voice intact – every note felt right, it was amazing. Businesses need to take this as a lesson because it shows that you can have it all, but if you’re not working hard then you won’t be at the top of your game.

Beyoncé may be a superstar, but she’s still a Boss Lady others can learn from.

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